About Us

About us

Our planet has limited resources and we are over-using them!

Nature is the floor that supports us,the foundation that keeps us steady, the wall that gives us shelter and the roof that protects us. In turn, we also need to to protect it!

We are the first generation to see how we as humans are destroying the planet!  Our generation can make the difference that can help future generations to survive!

We at Sustenance, are doing our bit to make a difference. Our goal is the become the leader of sustainable agriculture.

The current agrici




Growing nutrition with Microgreens!
Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are harvested before it grows to its full size.
Harvesting them at their smaller release has a more intense flavor and nutritional values.
Microgreens are generally seen in gourmet restaurants because of their sophisticated and
delicate flavor.
We at Sustenance, grow microgreens in a controlled environment with high supervision
indoors. We serve the most uber restaurants in Chennai and many other cities.
Some of the microgreens we cultivate are Cilantro, Beetroot, Basil, and Broccoli.





Introducing soil-less farming with Hydroponics!
In the process of photosynthesis, there is absolutely no mention of soil. Plants need nutrients
and water to grow which is easily obtainable if the roots stand in a nutrient rich solution.
Hydroponics is an environmentally- friendly process because it vastly improves upon traditional
farming. Farmers generally use biocides and pesticides in order to cultivate the desired crop,
however, in a hydroponic setup, it won’t be necessary.
This method bids a goodbye to conventional pest management and farming problems.
We at Sustenance, are in the research and development phase to master the art of soil-less

Akhil Nichani

Urban Farmer

Akhil is an Electronics & Communications Engineer from SRM.

Vikram Hirawat

Blunt Marketer

Akhil is an Electronics & Communications Engineer from SRM.

Maulin Tolia

Tech Geek

Maulin is a Computer Engineer & Tech Geek. He works as a Freelance Developer.