What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are harvested before it grows to its full size. Harvesting them at their smaller release has a more intense flavor and nutritional values.

Microgreens are generally seen in gourmet restaurants because of their sophisticated and delicate flavor.

They have an exceptional and surprisingly long shelf life that makes it a differentiator in your industry. There is literally one thing that can cause failure at growing Microgreens and that is lack of time. Microgreens are attention seekers in a sense and you can’t do with leaving them unattended.

Our Products

We at Sustenance, grow Microgreens in a controlled environment with high supervision
indoors. We carefully choose the seeds and because we know they have a fast turn around
time, the harvesting becomes tricky. To produce high-quality greens we make sure the
surroundings are well ventilated, lit and decently warm. These little crops are highly perishable
crops that need to be handled with care.

Black Mustard

Strong and spicy, black mustard micro greens are large leafed and grows quick

Purple Radish

Cruchy and mildly spicy, purple radish is fully edible from leaves to stem.

Red Amaranth

Delicate shoots that gives any dish an aesthetic appeal and is a definite protein source!


This violet stemmed Microgreens pairs deliciously in any form of salad.

Yellow Mustard

Slightly sweet and mild zippy, yellow mustards makes a great choice for garnishes.

Red Radish

40 times higher nutritional content than their mature counterparts, Red Radish is a must have
in your diet

Green Amaranth

Easy to digest and gluten free, Green Amaranth is the perfect addition at your vegan meals

Japanese white Radish

Loaded with nutrition, Japanese white radish is a great addition to your salad bowl.

Pink Radish

Colourful, crispy and spicy makes Pink Radish a must have for nutrition as well as exceptional

Pak Choi

With a sweet and powerful taste, these greens are a great source at vitamins and nutrients.


Easily digestible, this Microgreens offers a tidy way to consume all of the nutrients found in a
mature cauliflower.


Sustenance serves multiple Microgreens to the most uber restaurants in Chennai and many other cities.